Thanksgiving In The Black Community: A Celebration Of Unity

cooked food on white ceramic plates
Alyssa Guzik
November 27, 2023

Thanksgiving holds a unique place in the Black community. It's more than just a day of feasting on Grandma's legendary mac and cheese or devouring that sweet potato pie like your life depends on it. It is a sacred opportunity to reflect upon our resilience and heritage, for we are the descendants of enslaved individuals who found strength in unity.

When the ancestral shackles still weighed heavily upon their worn bodies, our ancestors spent Thanksgiving in church. Their weary hearts sought solace within the sanctuary's hallowed walls, and it was in these sacred spaces that they attempted to reclaim their dignity.

Black folks understand the tragic history of Thanksgiving, a dark narrative often silenced within the annals of American tradition. We remember that this feast is rooted in the colonization and subsequent genocide of stolen land. Upon this fraught foundation, we build our discernment and choose instead to honor family bonds during this period.

We take this opportunity to gather around the table to savor delectable dishes and reflect on our hard-fought battles and triumphs. Despite centuries of adversity and systemic injustices, we have cultivated an unbreakable spirit of unity that shines brightest during this season.

Thanksgiving's foundation stands upon a tragic narrative often brushed aside. To romanticize this day without acknowledging its darker truths is to perpetuate the cycle of erasure that continues to marginalize indigenous voices. In the Black community, we hold the day sacred to embody an invaluable reminder of strength, identity, and shared heritage within the Black community.

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