Business Development Request For Proposals

Who We Are

PushBlack, the nation’s largest nonprofit media platform for Black people, builds deep, daily relationships with Black Americans through their mobile phones in order to transform Black civic engagement.

PushBlack attracts and engages subscribers through our innovative daily Black history and news service, which is based on text message and Facebook Messenger. With this daily relationship, PushBlack encourages our 4.6M subscribers (and 8M monthly active users) to raise their voices and take action on critical issues, register to vote, and to cast their votes on Election Day.

Take a look at the PushBlack Manifesto to learn more about what we’re doing.

What We're Looking For

PushBlack is requesting proposals for Business Development Consultants to fulfill a 6-month engagement. Proposals can be submitted here and will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

This 6-month engagement will build upon groundwork that has been laid by the PushBlack team to explore the viability of building a recurring revenue stream by engaging multiple organizations in long-term sponsored content and marketing partnerships, to bring PushBlack closer toward the goal of financial self-sufficiency. PushBlack wants to prioritize connections on the media buying side of health and wellness companies or banking companies because those are the top two sectors subscribers have indicated they want PushBlack to consider for partnerships. At the same time, we are open to consultants with deep connections in a variety of sectors.

What You’d Be Doing

The specific objectives and success outcomes for this engagement are the following:

  1. Securing at least 1 meeting with a key decision maker at a target company within the first 30-45 days of the contract; at least 3 additional meetings with different key decision makers at target companies by the end of the 6-month engagement; 
  2. Securing at least 2 long-term sponsored content deals with brands and/or media buying agencies, of at least $50K each, by the end of the 6-month engagement; 
  3. Providing on-going learning and insights about effective practices in business development for sponsored content deals, as well as a willingness to engage in lean experimentation practices to more clearly identify best practices; and 
  4. A final report to PushBlack leadership and debrief meeting with the team, summarizing key learning and indicators met. 

For additional background information on PushBlack, please send a request for our 101 presentation deck to [email protected].

Any questions regarding this process can be directed to Eskedar Getahun, Chief of Staff of PushBlack at [email protected].

Where You’ll Work

The couch, a coffee shop, the local coworking space--either way, our team is 100% remote.

How To Apply

We look forward to reviewing your submission. Submissions are due via this Google Form by Friday, November 8th at 5:00 pm EST.

PushBlack is housed at Accelerate Change, a project of the New Futures Fund which is an equal opportunity employer. We believe that people of color, people from working class backgrounds, women, and LGBTQ people must be centered in the work we do. Hence, we strongly encourage applications from people with these identities or who are members of other marginalized communities.