Digital Organizer, Criminal Justice

Who We Are 

PushBlack, the nation’s largest nonprofit media platform for Black people, builds deep, daily relationships with Black Americans through their mobile phones in order to transform Black civic engagement.

PushBlack attracts and engages subscribers through our innovative daily Black history and news service, which is based on text message and Facebook Messenger. With this daily relationship, PushBlack encourages our 1.6M subscribers to raise their voices and take action on critical issues, register to vote, and to cast their votes on Election Day.

Take a look at the PushBlack Manifesto to learn more about what we’re doing.

What We're Looking For 

A  self-starter with experience working to reform the criminal justice system to serve as PushBlack’s in-house expert on criminal justice issues affecting the Black community. Criminal justice is one of the issue areas PushBlack subscribers care about the most. Our subscribers have already engaged in advocacy based actions, petition campaigns, and volunteer initiatives with organizational partners from around the country. We want someone to lead development and execution of criminal justice content and campaigns to keep us aware of and ahead of the game regarding  issues our subscribers need to know about at the national, state, and local level.

What You’d Be Doing 
  • Researching current and potential criminal justice issues that interest PushBlack subscribers.
  • Creating criminal justice focused issue campaigns for PushBlack subscribers that are focused on current and emerging criminal justice issues at the national, state, and local level (e.g., bail, prosecutorial practices, policing, sentencing, etc.).
  • Developing strategy & process for policy research, campaign rollout, and content delivery.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of criminal justice content and campaigns.
  • Identifying criminal justice partner organizations and campaigns to promote to PushBlack  subscribers.
Who You’d Be Working With 

You’d work closely with our Creative Director to write compelling stories about criminal justice issues and our Partnerships Manager to run campaigns on behalf of grassroots organizations fighting for criminal justice reform.

Got Skills? 
  • Demonstrated passion for and background in criminal justice advocacy
  • Project management
  • Superb writing, with an orientation towards mobilizing communities
  • Relationship management
  • High attention to detail
This Would Put You Over The Top 
  • Combination of organizing and advocacy experience
  • Experience in the tech / media industry
  • Expertise in one of the following issue areas:
    • Criminalization of poverty (bail, fines & fees)
    • Women & girls
    • License revocation
    • Record expungement
    • LGTBQ
    • Employment opportunity
    • Education access (Pell grants)
  • Deep experience working on local or state based criminal justice reform
What We Hope You’re Looking For 
  • You want to join a growing team that’s hell-bent on transforming Black civic engagement using the latest tech tools in partnership with grassroots groups.
  • You’re tired of the same ol’, same ol’ and want to work on the cutting edge of tech, media, and Black liberation. You’ll be a key member of a small team, and will learn the ins-and-outs of a startup.
  • You want to be a part of something new. We’re a young organization, but have had massive breakthroughs. Listen to this...we grew from 50,000 to 1.6M daily subscribers in less than a year.
  • You’ll learn a bunch. Some people look at us and think we’re a tech company. Others think we’re a media company. Truth is, we’re a group of folks set on making wild, transformative social change for Black Americans - and we use every tool at our disposal to do so, ranging from digital publishing to coding to organizing to analytics & insights.
  • We’re fun. Working on criminal justice reform, economic empowerment, and Black voter engagement is hard work so it’s important that we look out for each other, send good memes, and argue over who invented the Moonwalk.
Where You’ll Work 

The couch, a coffee shop, the local coworking space--either way, our team is 100% remote.

Let’s Talk About The Application Process 

Please complete this application and address the following questions in your cover letter:

  1. What’s the most pressing criminal justice issues that you think isn’t getting enough media attention?
  2. Describe a recent criminal justice campaign that you’ve led. Specifically, include details regarding how you engaged directly impacted communities and organizational partners, as well as the outcome.
  3. For a criminal justice campaign that is primarily digital, identify 1-3 of the tools you would use to educate, engage, and mobilize PushBlack subscribers.
  4. What's the best piece of media (e.g., writing, video, podcast, song, meme, etc.) you consumed this past week regarding Black life and culture?

PushBlack is housed at Accelerate Change, a project of New Futures Fund, Inc.,  which is an equal opportunity employer. We believe that people of color, people from working class backgrounds, women, and LGBTQIA+ people must be centered in the work we do. Hence, we strongly encourage applications from people with these identities or who are members of other marginalized communities.