Emerging Products Lead (Product Owner)

Who We Are 

PushBlack, the nation’s largest nonprofit media platform for Black people, builds deep, daily relationships with Black Americans through their mobile phones in order to transform Black civic engagement.

PushBlack attracts and engages subscribers through our innovative daily Black history and news service, which is based on text message and Facebook Messenger. With this daily relationship, PushBlack encourages over 2.5 million subscribers to raise their voices and take action on critical issues.

Take a look at the PushBlack Manifesto to learn more about what we’re doing.

What We're Looking For 

Does the goal of Black liberation energize you? Do you get chills thinking about the possible juicy insights you can glean from a large dataset? Are you able to run a program, test, or experiment from start to finish with an “owner” mindset?

What You’d Be Doing 
A week in the life of our next Product Owner

On Monday, you define your experiment stack for the week in collaboration with the Executive Director and create your project plan to get everything done. You move forward with developing questions and a structure for customer discovery interviews to collect data on subscriber behavior and interests. You understand that your focus is running experiments wherein you take on challenges faced by all new products—validating a business hypothesis that will generate revenue.

On Tuesday & Wednesday, you’re conducting quantitative analysis of customer discovery data. This data gives you initial indications on the viability of your business hypothesis. At the same time, you’re collecting market research to inform your testing.

On Thursday, you participate in a morning meeting with a potential partner for branded content; they are excited about moving forward with a sponsorship but need additional data that isn’t yet available before making a final decision. In the afternoon, you design a new experiment to collect this data and make adjustments to your current stack.

On Friday, you rapidly execute a number of tests relevant for the newest experiment, while continuing to analyze incoming data from your customer discovery interviews.

Here are some experiments you would lead:
  1. A non-Facebook social media platform has started to allow publishers to send broadcast messages to subscribers; you'd need to quickly figure out how to build an audience on the platform and test multiple revenue-generating media products for Black Americans.
  2. PushBlack has grown to 2M+ subscribers primarily from subscribers sharing the platform with their friends. We're considering launching a super-sharer rewards program to incentivize more sharing; you'd need to test various tactics and messages to determine what gets subscribers to share more.
  3. We seek to expand our merchandising efforts. You'd determine whether or not there was a profitable approach to selling merchandise on our site.
This Would Put You Over The Top 
  • You’ve launched a social good venture, business, or new program within an organization before and know what it’s like to build something from scratch and weather the ups and downs.
  • You buy into the idea that we, the PushBlack team, take subscriber insights seriously and that it’s only after we gather information from them that we can learn what works and what doesn’t work.
  • You’re well versed in one of the following experimentation methodologies: lean startup, design thinking, human-centered design, lean manufacturing, scrum, or agile development.
What We Hope You’re Looking For 
  • You want to join a growing team that’s hell-bent on transforming Black civic engagement using the latest tech tools in partnership with grassroots groups.
  • You’re tired of the same ol’, same ol’ and want to work on the cutting edge of tech, media, and Black liberation. You’ll be a key member of a small team, and will learn the ins-and-outs of a startup.
  • You want to be a part of something new. We’re a young organization, but have had massive breakthroughs. Listen to this...we grew from 50,000 to 830,000 daily subscribers in less than a year.
  • You’ll learn a bunch. Some people look at us and think we’re a tech company. Others think we’re a media company. Truth is, we’re a group of folks set on making wild, transformative social change for Black Americans - and we use every tool at our disposal to do so, ranging from digital publishing to coding to organizing to analytics & insights.
  • We’re fun. Working on criminal justice reform, economic empowerment, and Black voter engagement is hard work so it’s important that we look out for each other, send good memes, and argue over who invented the Moonwalk.
Where You’ll Work 

The couch, a coffee shop, the local coworking space--either way, our team is 100% remote.

For How Long? 

This position is a full-time role, starting with a 1-2 month contract period.

Let’s Talk About The Application Process 

Please complete this application to upload your resume and answer a few questions:

PushBlack is housed at Accelerate Change, a project of the New Futures Fund which is an equal opportunity employer. We believe that people of color, people from working class backgrounds, women, and LGBTQ people must be centered in the work we do. Hence, we strongly encourage applications from people with these identities or who are members of other marginalized communities.