Health Problems May Mean Death When You Get Locked Up

March 15, 2019

Going to prison or jail can be dangerous for a bunch of reasons, and one reason many often don’t consider is healthcare.

It’s a HUGE cost for the facilities where many Black people are locked up, so they often try to cut corners - leading to scary health risks for those imprisoned.

Big companies make a profit off of prison healthcare but care nothing about the inmates.

The New Yorker reports that two of the biggest prison healthcare companies, Corizon and Wellpath, have been “sued about fifteen hundred times” in the last five years “over matters including alleged neglect, malpractice, and, in dozens of cases, wrongful injury or death.”

Stories like Sandra Bland’s are common. Black people often go to jail or prison and die under unknown circumstances or from preventable illnesses of all types. Healthcare neglect in prisons is DEADLY.

Black people experience the short end of healthcare outside of prisons and jails, so we can only imagine what goes wrong inside. The many health risks and illnesses we suffer from disproportionately on the outside may be even more dangerous inside.

Even worse, some prisons CHARGE inmates for the health services they receive inside. Why would they do this, you ask? To reduce costs, of course. But it exposes something more: just how little people care about the rights - and lives - of inmates.

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