How California Tried to BAN Black People Will Make You Sick

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With the great debate about slavery consuming the entire nation, the newly formed territory of California made the decision to enter the Union, banning slavery. 

But that didn’t mean racism wouldn’t rear its ugly head in this “free” state.

Large groups of white miners flooded California during its Gold Rush in the 1840s and ‘50s. Their numbers made them a powerful populace. And these miners HATED the idea of free Black people working alongside them.

They feared Black miners would pool their wealth together and take over the state. So, they pushed to BAN Black people from entry. 

It gets worse from there.

Legislators openly described the chaos that would ensue if free “Negroes” stayed. Many advocated for exclusion laws that would make it illegal for any Black person’s entry.  

With anti-Black sentiments on the rise, segregation and violence sprouted. The state became a more and more dangerous place for Black people to live.

Eventually, talk of banning Black people died down - only because racists began to worry about Chinese laborers. Instead, severe fugitive slave laws went into effect, making any Black person a suspect.

Racial distrust was set in the state’s foundation and would remain for decades to come. With that legacy, California was never a truly safe place for Black Americans. 

It's no surprise then, perhaps, that the Los Angeles Police Department has been infiltrated by white supremacist and Neo Nazi gangs.

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