It’s Time To Get Trump Out Of Office

Impeach Trump Billboard/Mike Fritcher/Flickr/CC-NC-2.0

February 8, 2018

Donald Trump is unfit for president and needs to go. Whether Trump is attacking the media or claiming “fake news,” he constantly uses racial stereotypes to justify signing bills and making public statements that are detrimental to our people.

Since Trump has been in office, he has done nothing to shed his racist skin.

From disrespecting Africa and Haiti by saying “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” to his openly racist tweets, Trump has continually used media to attack our entire community. The fact that Trump uses his influence to suppress sources of information he disagrees with makes it more difficult for the public to distinguish truth from lies.

For these reasons, we're supporting the folks who started the Need to Impeach campaign. No democracy is safe when the commander-in-chief does not value its citizens equally.

Trump has exceeded the threshold for impeachment, committing at least eight impeachable offenses according to the Need to Impeach campaign. The one that has really got us up in arms is Trump undermining the freedom of the press.

According to the Washington Post, “The new White House derides and belittles journalists and media organizations in the hope of undermining the credibility of the press. In so doing, the administration is aggressively promoting the notion that nuance and facts are irrelevant.”

In essence, Trump wants Americans to take what he says as gospel and blindly accept it as the truth.

The Black press was once the megaphone of the Civil Rights movement, but all of those publications are now long gone. Whether it was a neighborhood announcement, new Black-owned businesses opening up in your area, or local news stories, the Black press was for us and by us.

We can’t afford for our voices to be silenced in the press. For generations, we have built trusted relationships with Black-led publications and Trump has no right to interfere with the way we share important information with our friends and families.

The bottomline is that Trump knows the power of the Black press. The press is designed to fact check, challenge, and offer readers alternative perspectives; and, informed Black citizens are what Trump fears most.

The Need to Impeach campaign is rapidly approaching 5 million supporters who also see the danger in Trump leading our country. To join the movement and stay informed, click here.

If you need further evidence as to why Trump is a poor excuse for a president, take a look at national bestselling book The Case For Impeachment.

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