Only 3% of People Know This Trivia About Black TV Moms


Taraji P. Henson (Empire) made headlines during her acceptance speech at the 2016 Golden Globes when she pointed out that it took her playing an ex-con drug dealer to finally win an award.

We've witnessed this bittersweet praise repeatedly at awards shows (i.e. Denzel for "Training Day", Mo’Nique for "Precious", Halle Berry for "Monster’s Ball" etc).

We are placed in a comfortable box for the mainstream then rewarded for portraying stereotypes. A subtle reminder to the masses that even at a certain level, we’re still pimps, hos, drug dealers etc. at the end of the day. Newsflash: WE’RE NOT.

However, even when we aren't portraying negative roles, much of the writing for “Black” shows is done by non-Black people who come with their own set of biases. Despite representation of Black faces, it’s hard to find authentic writing and experiences that are not sensationalized.

Even shows such as “The Jeffersons,” which strived to depict a wealthy Black family, were presented through a white lens. On “Good Times”, show creators intended for the lead character to be a single mother. Esther Rolle refused, and they brought in Jon Amos.

Both Rolle and Jon Amos eventually left the show because they saw the depiction of Black folks going in a direction they found detrimental to the community. How many actors from our favorite shows would be willing to do that today?

Despite our continued fight for control of our own narratives, there are some standout characters we still connect with. These often come in the form of the mother characters.

We love some of these TV mommas almost as much as we love our own! They’ve shown us strength, support, independence, and humor on a weekly basis.

At times it feels like we are actually in the house with them. But, how well do we really know them? Test your knowledge with our Black TV Moms Trivia below.

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