With Reparations on the Table, Who Will Get Your Vote in 2020?


California Senator Kamala Harris supports something “like” reparations. To address the systemic racism that’s blocked Black people from wealth-building opportunities, she’s promoting her “LIFT Act,” a tax credit program primarily helping families in poverty. It may help some Black people but is no different than other programs the Dems usually advocate.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is hesitant to support reparations. In fact, he had questions. “What do [reparations] mean? I’m not sure that anyone’s very clear.” 

Alternatively, he does support legislation that assigns federal resources to extremely impoverished communities. 

Author Marianne Williamson supports reparations. She’s proffered a Reparations Plan for African Americans, “an educational, economic and cultural fund [of $200 billion] to be disbursed over a ten year period.”

New Jersey Senator Cory Booker supports a form of reparations. Similarly to Harris, Booker is promoting his “baby bonds” plan.

Money would be put into savings accounts for all children, the majority going to those in poverty, thus only some Black youth would benefit.

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren sort of supports reparations - through housing aid. Communities that have historically been racially discriminated against would be prioritized - including Indigenous Americans.

While only ONE candidate truly supports reparations as monetary payment exclusively to descendants of the enslaved - a payment our government has given to other groups, including slave OWNERS - one common theme exists: America MUST correct the racial wealth gap.

Whether that ends up being through reparations or not may depend on your vote in 2020.

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