There Is A Hidden Superhero Inside Every One Of Us


We’re turning students from media consumers to media creators one comic at a time.” – Tony Weaver, CEO of The Uncommons

It’s a’s a plane…No! It’s The Uncommons!

If anybody recognizes the importance of children having heroes that reflect their lived experiences, Tony Weaver does. This is why he created The Uncommons, a comic strip centering Black characters and combating media stereotypes about our community.

We had a chance to sit down with Tony and pick his brain about how this game-changing project came to life. When describing his inspiration, he said, “There are minority groups looking wherever they can to see themselves and their experiences reflected in media content, especially in the comic space. The Uncommons is meant to be our solution to that.”

While his work is suitable for people of all ages, he has taken a keen interest in using his powerful stories to reclaim the minds of Black youth, who are constantly bombarded by negative depictions of African-Americans. In response to this sad reality, he birthed the Get Media L.I.T. program, which he describes as his most ambitious project to date.

According to Tony, “Get Media L.I.T. is an educational tool that uses comics, memes, and short videos to teach students how to combat fake news, identify media bias, and create content of their own. It gives students a framework for critical analysis across the media landscape, so they can break down stereotypes in any piece of media they consume.”

Since launching the comic series, Tony has garnered support from a myriad of sources, including Forbes, NBCUniversal, and several non-profits. When asked if he had any advice for young entrepreneurs in the trenches trying to get their work off the ground, he candidly replied, “People don’t only resonate with what you do, they resonate with why you do it. Know your why.”

While Tony understands that he is continuing a long tradition of Black-centric comics, he also knows he is bringing a unique flair to the comic space. Envisioning the impact The Uncommons can have in the next 10 years, he said, “We’re going to do what young people of color have always done, pioneer new movements and lead the next wave of cultural change.”

If you are interested in learning more about The Uncommons, check out the most recent issue of the comic and visit their official website here.

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