There's An Injustice Shaking Up The City Of Baltimore

September 9, 2019

Police pursued Keith Davis, Jr. in June of 2015 - and shot at him 44 TIMES. Supposedly, they thought he was a robbery suspect, and claimed he had a gun. They cornered him. 

He was on the phone with his girlfriend, telling her he was going to die and asking the police why they were trying to kill him. 

The city was on edge when this happened because of the killing of Freddie Gray. And though they tried, the police didn’t kill Keith. This case has been a potential bad look for Baltimore, what with Freddie Gray, police planting evidence, and other misconduct plaguing the department. 

Keith spent time in the hospital undergoing emergency surgery because of what the police did to him… then they took him to jail! But the police and prosecution’s version of events didn’t add up. The cab driver who was robbed even told a completely different story, one that didn’t identify Keith. 

Marilyn Mosby, who was initially celebrated for charging the officers involved in the Freddie Gray killing, switched up on us! After a jury acquitted Keith because things didn’t add up, she has RELENTLESSLY pursued him multiple times to protect the police! They even added on a murder charge AFTER he was cleared. 

Now after FOUR trials, the Baltimore police department and the prosecution led by Marilyn Mosby have gotten what they want. Keith was convicted. People are protesting because this entire case has been ridiculous! 

A motion for a new trial will be filed. Maybe then the whole truth will finally come out?

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