There's Nothing In The World Like A Good Soul Train Line

Soul Train Line/Taylor Curry /U.S. Air Force/Public Domain


It’s such a simple thing but it brings people together better than a Shonda Rhimes drama. If you’ve got soul, this is especially for you. The Soul Train Line is more than a dance phenomenon. It’s an African-American institution.

More than 35 years after it first debuted on TV, the Soul Train Line still has the ability to bring everyone out on the dance floor to showcase their best moves.

Before the Soul Train Line appeared on TV, it was a staple at Chicago house parties. Don Cornelius, creator and host of Soul Train, brought The Line to the show, where it first aired on the fifth episode. The rest is history.

The introduction of the Soul Train Line might have not happened had it not been for Soul Train. The show first began as a local program in Chicago. In a time where soul music was booming, Cornelius wanted to create a program just for soul music.

Working as a disc jockey for Chicago radio station WVON, he emceed for a series of touring concerts featuring local talents. He called this the tour Soul Train. After Sears & Roebuck Company saw the success of Soul Train, they decided to sponsor the show and bring it to television. Through that sponsorship, Soul Train the show was born.

The show not only introduced the nation to acts like Aretha Franklin and James Brown, but also dancers like Laurie-Ann Gibson and Jeffrey Daniel, who famously taught Michael Jackson how to do the moonwalk.

In recent years, some folks have attempted keeping the show’s legacy alive. In 2015, participants in Oakland’s DeFremery Park broke the record for the longest Soul Train Line with 337 participants. We love it!

The show ran for 35 years, but it has a lasting effect on us to this day. Whenever there’s a cookout or gathering of friends and family, the Soul Train Line is an equalizer that brings all our people together to just dance.

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