They Want To Be Black Until It's Time To Be Black

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A new term called “blackfishing” has emerged - a problematic hybrid of cultural appropriation and blackface.

A play on the word “catfish,” blackfishing happens when white women present themselves as biracial or light-skinned Black women. And across the interwebs, the trend is blowing up at the expense of Black women. 

Using tanning and makeup to create darker complexions, thicker lips, and even textured hair and braids, these white social media influencers are being praised, and getting paid a LOT of money, for faking the very features Black women naturally have - features that Black women are often economically disadvantaged and discriminated against for having.

But, culturally, a shift is happening in the world that can’t be ignored. Despite centuries of being told to hate themselves - of being told they’re worthless as they are and look - Black girls are seeing their beauty and magic and are proudly displaying it!

Now, white women want in on that Black girl magic.

Blackfishing ain’t just a tan. And with the dangerous history of oppression against Black women, this form of imitation is far from flattering. It’s a means of profiting off the hatred the world still has for Black women while trying to embody our essence. 

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