Tired of Average Joe? Get the Scoop on 734 Coffee!

October 26, 2017

What if we told you the best part of waking up was not Folgers in your cup? We sat down with the founders of 734 Coffee to get the scoop on how they are bringing a brighter future to Sudanese refugees one cup of joe at a time.

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee and legend has it that a goat-herder discovered the energizing effects of the coffee bean after observing his goats prancing excitedly after consuming it. It is only fitting that 734 Coffee is an homage to the homeland.

7 degrees north 34 degrees east are the geographical coordinates for Gambela, a region in Ethiopia where over 200,000 displaced South Sudanese citizens now live after fleeing war, atrocities, drought, and famine in South Sudan.

Founded in 2016 by Manyang Reath Kher, who was one of The Lost Boys of Sudan, 734 Coffee advances the noble efforts of the Humanity Helping Sudan Project by empowering refugees through education and employment opportunities.

734 Coffee puts its money where its mouth is by reinvesting 80% of profits directly into scholarships for Sudanese refugees.

For every cup of 734 coffee sold, your purchase supports four refugees' education for a day.

When we spoke with Elvis Hedji and Akandu Nwosu who run 734 Coffee's day-to-day operations, they emphasized the importance of history in guiding their transformative business.

"From Nelson Mandela’s persistence in South Africa to W.E.B. Du Bois's Niagara Movement, we understand that the African and African-American path to success is one that requires constant awareness of one’s history and how many before have paved a better outlook on the future."

To ensure that consumers receive the best product, they work with a co-op of local farmers in Gambela to harvest their coffee beans. Although this increases the price of their coffee, they explain "the final product may seem a bit more expensive to certain people, but you are getting Grade-A coffee and helping others have a better quality of life in the process."

While 734 Coffee is still relatively new, they have been featured by Forbes, NPR, PBS, Fast Company, and several radio and news programs. We asked them if they had any advice for new entrepreneurs in the heart of the grind right now.

Candidly, they replied, "tie your mission into everything that you are doing. Find a way to keep it fun because if at any moment you stop enjoying what you are doing, you will be failing the people, the purpose you are serving and yourself."

The next time you need your caffeine fix pour up a mug of 734 Coffee. Support their incredible movement and purchase a bag here today.

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