What Good Is Wealth If Your People Have Failing Health

Robert F. Smith/World Economic Forum/Flickr/CC-NC-SA-2.0


Robert F. Smith’s $2.5 million donation to the Prostate Cancer Foundation defies the stereotype that the Black community suffers from “crabs in a barrel” mentality. Instead, Smith’s generous gift shows that we actually lift each other up as we climb.

The startling reality that African-American men are 73% more likely to develop prostate cancer inspired Smith to take necessary action. With a dearth in research on why this grave disparity exists, Smith’s gift will directly fund concentrated research efforts to help better understand how to combat this epidemic.

Too often, wealthy Black people are lauded for flaunting lavish homes, luxury cars, and other vain possessions. However, the fact that Smith is using his fortune to improve Black health outcomes deserves equal attention and praise.

Smith is a rather quiet billionaire, but this donation is doing all the speaking for him. When it comes to making a social impact, he has demonstrated time and time again that he will put his money where his mouth is.

In addition to funding research, a portion of Smith’s donation will go towards creating The Robert Frederick Smith Center of Precision Oncology Excellence in Chicago, Illinois to specifically aid veterans battling prostate cancer.

Smith’s $2.5 million gift is by far the most substantial donation ever made to advance research on African-American men dealing with prostate cancer. With Black men dying at rates 2.3 times higher than other racial groups, Smith’s efforts will result in countless saved lives.

It makes it all the more special that Smith’s gift arrived right before Black History Month. He is continuing a cherished legacy of Black philanthropy that underscores his commitment to seeing our communities thrive.

If you want to learn more about Robert F. Smith’s meaningful work, check out 5 Keys For Success From African-American Billionaire Robert F. Smith.

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