5 Black Women Leading A Radical Movement For Change

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August 25, 2019

Sexual harassment. Pay inequality. These are just two of MANY abuses women are subjected to by powerful men with unchecked privilege. But Black women have helmed a movement to eliminate such injustices. These 5 Black women had the courage to declare, “TIME’S UP.”

Shonda Rhimes

While she’s best-known for writing and producing mega-hit shows like “Scandal” and “How To Get Away With Murder,” Shonda Rhimes is also a leading change agent in the TIME’S UP movement. In fact, she’s one of its co-founders.

Nina Shaw

Attorney Nina Shaw represents some of Hollywood’s most notable Black women artists. She already ensures diverse voices are heard on the big screen, and as a TIME’S UP co-founder, she’s continuing her fight for ALL women to gain dignity and equality in workspaces.

Ava DuVernay

In an industry dominated by male directors, Ava DuVernay has hired only women directors for ALL episodes of her show Queen Sugar on OWN. Why? DuVernay answered, “Because we can.”

Niija Kuykendall

“Who’s In The Room” is a groundbreaking TIME’S UP initiative spearheaded by entertainment industry veterans, including Niija Kuykendall, Senior VP of Film Production at Warner Bros. Pictures. The mentorship program exists to increase the number of executives and producers from a variety of economic and cultural backgrounds.

Janelle Monae

In a poignant Grammy’s speech, Janelle Monae made it clear that time is up in the music industry, too: 

“And to those who would dare try to silence us, we offer two words: ‘Time’s Up.’”

Power is monopolized by privileged white men. But thanks to these Black women leaders, time has run out for many abusive men while safety and empowerment have begun to reign in countless workplaces. 

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