About Us

In a world of 24/7 breaking news and neverending social media feeds, it is easy to get sucked into a cycle of despair. Most media leads us to believe that current events exist in a vacuum when, in fact, many of society’s “new” challenges have been successfully overcome in the past.

PushBlack was created to bridge the gap between the past and present by sharing empowering stories intersecting news and history.

As the United States’ first mobile-based organizing group for Black Americans, we inform our people about critical issues and lead them to take action. We believe in the power of Black history and share lessons from the past that people can use today as they work to strengthen their community.

With more than 9 million monthly readers, we're working to build the largest online community of Black Americans. Through daily communications on Text and Facebook Messenger, we are putting power in the hands of the people. This has made us the premier mobile source of information and action for Black people around the country. We push hard. We push forward. We PushBlack.

Reporting & Editorial Team

William Anderson, Senior Digital Organizer - Criminal Justice

Brooke Brown, Senior Digital Content Manager

Adé Hennis, Digital Content Producer - Writer

Briona Lamback, Digital Content Producer - Writer

L. Graciella Maiolatesi, Digital Content Producer - Writer

Zain Murdock, Criminal Justice Writer

Leslie Taylor-Grover, Managing Editor

Lilly Workneh, Editor-in-Chief

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PushBlack is a nonprofit dedicated to raising up Black voices. We are a small team but we have an outsized impact:

  • We reach tens of millions of people with our BLACK NEWS & HISTORY STORIES every year.
  • We fight for CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM to protect our community.
  • We run VOTING CAMPAIGNS that reach over 10 million African-Americans across the country.

And as a nonprofit, we rely on small donations from subscribers like you.

With as little as $5 a month, you can help PushBlack raise up Black voices. It only takes a minute, so will you please ?