After A Hoax, A Black Man Spends Decades In Prison

Crosley Green
William Anderson
May 20, 2020

Crosley Green’s imprisonment is a disgrace. 

He was locked up for allegedly killing a young white man named Chip Flynn in 1989. He’s maintained his innocence for decades - he was at a party miles away when it happened - but prosecutors had other plans.

The case relies exclusively on the testimony of Chip’s ex-girlfriend Kim Hallock, who told conflicting stories to Chip’s parents and the police. She said a “Black guy” did it, but her story didn’t add up, and there was absolutely no evidence against Crosley. 

Even some police are shocked!

The first two officers on the scene suspected Hallock, and one of them is willing to “bet [his] life” that Crosley is innocent. The description Kim gave didn’t even match Crosley, and as things have unfolded it’s become clearer and clearer Crosley was set up.

It turns out that prosecutor Christopher White knew Hallock personally, witnesses were coerced, and evidence was manufactured. Crosley’s race was mentioned 140 TIMES during the trial. 

The injustice was so blatant, a judge overturned his conviction - but the state of Florida is appealing so they can keep him locked up!

Crosley has watched from behind bars as family members pass away and grandchildren grow up, while he pleads to be freed for a crime he didn’t commit. 

Now he waits, threatened by the rapid spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in prisons, hopeful that the state of Florida will finally admit it did him wrong.

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