Apocalypse Movies Can Teach A Thing or Two About Survival

Walking dead zombies destroy city
Shonda Buchanan
August 10, 2020

1) DON’T eat food that hasn’t been approved by your mama! It could be dangerous.

2) DO save the elderly first before searching for other family or stray dogs.

Proof: “Extinction,” “Contagion,” and “Walking Dead.”

3) DO discipline your kids if they run off when you SPECIFICALLY said, “Stay here!” 

4) DO find the nearest Black church for prayer vigils, AND a drug store for medications and bleach. 

Proof: “War of the Worlds” and “2012.”

5) DON’T partner up with racists – obviously!

6) DO enroll your children in a coding program! Let’s raise more STEM kids who can code AND fly airplanes or spaceships. 

Proof: “The Happening,” “Containment,” and “Armageddon.”

7) DON’T barricade doors or hide in closets and cry out for Black Jesus to save you. Run! 

8) DO make sure you, your mail carrier, and your pastor are NOT aliens, zombies, avenging angels, or whatever! 

Proof: “Signs,” “World War Z,” “Terminator,” and “Constantine.”

9) DON’T hurt plants, bees, kids, pregnant women … heck, be nice to the planet and everybody! 

10) DON’T kick or walk over “supposedly” dead bodies!

Proof: “How It Ends, “Snowpiercer,” and “The Walking Dead.”

We’ve survived a lot since 1619. It’s okay to watch movies to release tension and release our emotional fears – while reminding ourselves of the importance of cooperation!

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