Believing These Voting Myths Erodes Political Power

People marching in Midtown New York City
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Abeni Jones
January 31, 2020

White supremacists would love if Black people continued to believe these LIES about voting! Have you been hoodwinked with these outright FALSEHOODS?

Lie 1: Women Earned The Right To Vote In 1920

Women of all races fought for almost 100 YEARS to earn the right to vote in America. But in 1920, when the 19th Amendment passed, white women promptly turned around and fought to keep Black women from exercising that right!

Black women didn’t get full voting rights until 1965, when the Voting Rights Act was passed.

Lie 2: Your Vote Doesn’t Really Count

If voting didn’t change anything, racists wouldn’t be trying so hard to suppress our votes, and Trump’s team wouldn’t be literally BRIBING Black people to vote for him.

In fact, tons of elections are won by just a HANDFUL of votes - sometimes just ONE vote!

Lie 3: Only Presidential Elections Really Matter

The President has a lot of power. But your local and midterm elections might have larger day-to-day effects on your life! According to Rock the Vote, “There is no level of government that is more directly responsible for serving your community than your local elected officials.”

At PushBlack we believe in harnessing our power to change society - and voting is a crucial aspect of that. Make sure you’re registered to vote!

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