A Black Family Is Traumatized After A Cop Threatened Them

NYPD on NYC Streets
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William Anderson
January 15, 2020

Michael J. Reynolds was one of those cops we need to avoid at all costs. What he did to a Black family shows the violence he was capable of practicing. 

It all started when he went into a drunken rage and then into someone’s home.

Reynolds was in Tennessee with other NYPD police officers for a bachelor party. 

Drunk with fury, he illegally burst into a nearby house, that of Conese Halliburton. From there, all hell broke loose and racist threats started to fly.

According to Newsweek, Reynolds threatened Conese and her two sons, telling them, “‘Try to shoot me, and I'll break every f---ing bone in your f---ing neck.’ He also is shown in the footage calling the family ‘F*cking [n-words].’” 

But after traumatizing the family, he wasn’t too concerned.

He pleaded no contest to one count of aggravated criminal trespassing and three counts of assault. Initially the NYPD kept him on as an officer on “modified duty,” but after pressure from activists, he quit

In the end, he only received probation and a couple of weeks in jail.

NYPD is known for being a police force racistly targeting Black people every day. It’s sad that even off duty and out of town, these officers STILL get away with this behavior with little to no consequences. 

Black families deserve to live in peace, unbothered by racism like this.

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