This Black Preacher Was Tasked By The FBI To Discredit MLK

August 16, 2019

Many of us know that Martin Luther King, Jr. was spied on by the FBI for over a decade, and that they bugged his home and hotel rooms. Some know that they consistently attempted to slander and vilify him, and even played a role in his assassination. 

But not everyone knows the lengths to which they went to interfere with King - including infiltrating the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and bringing in other Black preachers like Elder Lightfoot Solomon Michaux to do their bidding. 

Michaux was one of the most popular and famous Black preachers in the 1950s and 60s. He had over 25 million listeners on his radio show, and was the first preacher to have his own TV show. He was also very critical of King.

So he was the perfect person to collaborate with the FBI to bring King down.

Michaux became a “special correspondent” to the FBI. They passed along “intelligence” on King to Michaux, which he then could pepper into sermons and create anti-King protests.

They worked together to discredit King - calling him a communist, a fake Christian, and more - to try and lessen his impact.

White supremacy and its institutions will always attempt to infiltrate our movements, find collaborators, and discredit us. We’ve seen this recently with Black Lives Matter. All skinfolk ain’t kinfolk - stay vigilant!

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