Can A Mayor Who Can't Deliver Justice Be President?

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August 14, 2019

When NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio was elected, a lot of people had high hopes! Many thought he’d be a refreshing turn away from the racism and indifference Black people had experienced from the city’s leadership, but there’s an issue exposing more of the same from him!

Bill de Blasio wouldn’t even admit that the cop who killed Eric Garner - on tape, for the whole world to see - should be FIRED. In an interview with Hot 97’s Ebro, he derailed intense questioning about his inaction by saying, “I’m following the law.” That’s real misleading!

In a piece he wrote for The Nation, former New York City Council member and Public Advocate Jumaane D. Williams highlighted 11 WHOLE TIMES de Blasio could have done something and DIDN’T. He’s trying to act powerless when he’s mayor of the biggest city in the USA!

Having a Black family has not shown the mayor to be more in tune with Black people, though he’s suggested it does in the past. And while he runs for president, his lack of effort is NOT a good look. If he can’t deliver justice in New York, how will he deliver it for the entire country? 

Mayor de Blasio is showing us who he is and it's up to us to believe him or not. His hands aren’t tied, but consider this: the cop who killed Eric Garner got a raise. If that can happen on de Blasio’s watch, what else should we expect from him as a leader?

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