A Census Undercount Is Projected To Have Major Impacts

Woman census address canvassing
Abeni Jones
December 9, 2019

Is a Census undercount really a big deal? Actually, YES!

The Census has been undercounting us. Experts estimate that the 2020 Census could have the worst undercount of Black people in 30 years! Here are four ways an undercount could DIRECTLY affect your life.

1. Undercounted children means less school funding

The Census has historically undercounted Black children at DOUBLE the rate of white children. Those counts determine how the government funds schools and children’s programs - so an undercount is part of why Black schools get less funding!

2. Lower count means less spending on roads, housing and more

Got potholes in your town messing up your car? Is the rent too damn high? Census counts determine where the government can spend money on fixing roads, building affordable housing, and MANY other programs.

3. Local businesses

Local businesses use the Census numbers to determine where to build and open businesses. If it seems like fewer people live in your area due to low Census participation, businesses won’t open there!

4. Gives white supremacists more power

While it undercounts us, the Census tends to OVER count whites. That means white-majority cities and regions will get even MORE power and have MORE control on our lives, because Census counts determine voting districts and electoral college representation. 

Don’t give them any more power than they already have by sitting this one out!

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