Companies Are Giving Donations To The Police

Black Lives Matter protests
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William Anderson
July 29, 2020

How we spend our money matters. When we make a purchase, it’s much deeper than a simple transaction. We are often supporting things we’re not necessarily aware of - maybe even the police! 

Here’s how huge corporations are funneling our money to cops.  

A recent report revealed that over 25 major corporations have been donating money to police foundations. These foundations have come about in the face of budget cuts to departments - despite the fact they’re overfunded! These companies are donating anyways.

Amazon, Bank of America, Microsoft, Google, Starbucks, and Target are just a few of the companies supporting the police. Some of them offered no comment, some downplayed it, and some proudly continue to do so. It really begs the question ...

Did they think we wouldn’t notice? Companies have been loudly saying “Black Lives Matter” to appeal to Black consumers, but turn around and support cops quietly! 

After all, saying Black Lives Matter is easy. But doing real transformative action is another thing. There’s clear action to be taken here!

Do your research and spend wisely!

Calls to defund the police have spread throughout the country. Police do NOT need more money. Their astronomical budgets take away from resources that can prevent the issues they’re supposed to be solving. Private donations to police put us all at risk!

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