This Congresswoman Has Spoken Up For Black People Throughout The Decades

maxine waters in front of a podium with a finger raised
Briona Lamback
August 24, 2022

On August 15, 1938, Maxine Waters was born in St. Louis, Missouri. And since her first appointed position in the California State Assembly in 1976, she’s been a fearless spokesperson, earning her the affectionate nickname, “Auntie Maxine.” 


Waters stood steadfast in her Blackness without apology and never mincing words! 

In 1992, after the infamous Rodney King uprising in Los Angeles, Waters spoke up for Black mothers accused of looting - all while chanting “No Justice, No Peace” alongside protestors. And while white media described the movement as “riots,” Waters deemed it “a spontaneous reaction to a lot of injustice.

By 1996, Waters would also call for an investigation into the true origins of the Reagan-era “Crack Epidemic,” that was crookedly pinned on Black communities. 

In 1998, Waters penned an open letter to Fidel Castro asking him not to surrender hero Assata Shakur. She even criticized the US’s long-time trade embargo on Cuba!

And in recent years, Waters has called out the rampant racism and white supremacy spewed by the Trump administration - while unflinchingly calling for his impeachment.

Dedicated, unapologetic leadership like Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ is a crucial example of using political power to advocate for ourselves! She’s known for being a force because she spoke out even when it wasn’t convenient - and that’s a lesson we can all keep in mind.

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