Even Though She Was Afraid, She Challenged Herself

Shonda Rhimes
Shonda Buchanan
September 14, 2020

She froze when she got the call. Jimmy Kimmel wanted her on his show – LIVE! She nearly passed out.

She’d created characters such as Olivia Pope in Scandal, and executive produced smash hits like “How to Get Away With Murder.” Couldn’t she do this one interview?

When Shonda Rhimes started in the TV industry, no one knew her name. Then Grey’s Anatomy took off and thrust her in the limelight. Soon she was developing multiple hit shows – but despite being a famous workaholic, she was unhappy.

Live television was terrifying! What if she “[cracked] her head on Jimmy’s desk?” Then she was asked to give the commencement address at Dartmouth! “NO!” Her insecurity screamed.

She could write powerful Black women characters for TV – but could she face her fears and become one?

Yes! She didn’t die on Kimmel’s couch or “soil herself” at Dartmouth’s podium

She wasn’t going to let her anxiety keep her from her dreams. Rhimes said “Yes” to overcoming her biggest challenges, whether getting healthier or becoming a better mom – because she realized something crucial.

The best story she could write was her own! Like Rhimes, we can improve our self-image, lives, and self-confidence to achieve happiness and our dreams by saying “yes” to loving and prioritizing ourselves!

Want to change your life for the better? What are you saying “yes” to?

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