Even White Children Took Part In Violence Against Black People

Leslie Taylor-Grover
October 21, 2021

The KKK has been a hate group of violent and cowardly fighting for white supremacy since its inception in 1865 – but the organization set an even more ambitious agenda in the 1920s that they DON’T want us to know about.

In order to make sure the organization could last, they created a secret society to train CHILDREN to continue the work. They did this through baptizing ceremonies and sending children to happily dance around schools dressed in white hoods during festivals and parades. 

How long did the “Ku Klux Kiddies” last?

Supposedly, only about a decade or so. Historians claim the youth organization fizzled out, along with the adult version of the KKK – after the Great Depression, scandals, and social programs that helped poor white people come out of poverty reduced its relevance. 

But this is much more than a little white lie.

The truth? This indoctrination is far from history. White parents STILL train their children through participation in white pride rallies, KKK marches, and other anti-Black activities. It’s the same old racism, just remixed.

Ku Klux Kiddies are evidence of the lengths white people will go through to maintain the myth of white supremacy. It is ingrained in every aspect of our society. Any system that cements such lies must always be challenged until it’s destroyed!

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