Four Important Facts About The Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

picture of kyle rittenhouse trial rally
Zain Murdock
November 30, 2021

#1: Rittenhouse’s judge was “Bruce the Terrible.”

Judge Bruce Schroeder solidified his nickname over the years, with 250 requests from clients to switch judges! And from lecturing the jury with Bible citations to making racist jokes, this trial was no different. Schroeder even demanded that the people Rittenhouse killed be called “looters” rather than “victims.”

#2: Rittenhouse picked his own jury! 

Rittenhouse’s fate was at the hands of a few slips of paper he randomly plucked himself out of a metal tumbler. Why? “People feel better when they have control,” said Judge Schroeder. 

#3: Authorities are giving Rittenhouse the world. 

Some Congressmen literally want to offer Rittenhouse an internship on Capitol Hill. Another recently introduced a bill to award him a Congressional Gold Medal – joining the likes of Nelson Mandela and MLK!

#4: Rittenhouse’s verdict could inspire other vigilantes.

Rittenhouse traveled to a Black Lives protest with an assault weapon to “protect property,” killed two white men, and got off scot-free after claiming “self-defense.” Rittenhouse got off for killing white men – surely the same will happen when the victims are Black!

This has to be our wake-up call. The U.S. showed its true colors with the Rittenhouse trial, and we need to believe it! Authorities are being honest when they say the system is working – because this system was never made for us to survive.

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