Four Popular Myths About American Presidents

Five Presidents in the Oval Office
Abeni Jones
January 30, 2020

Our country loves to rewrite history and tell lies about U.S. Presidents of the past (and present!) Have you heard these whoppers?

Lincoln Was An Abolitionist Who “Freed The Slaves”

The truth is much more complex. Lincoln refused to intervene in slavery until it was politically necessary, and made clear that he believed Black people were inferior to whites.

John F. Kennedy Was A Champion of Civil Rights

Although he started to come around to Civil Rights issues just before his death, throughout his term JFK didn’t really support civil rights legislation until it was easier politically, and he was a disappointment to Civil Rights leaders.

President Obama Did No Wrong

While he was an inspiration to many, Obama also ordered drone strikes that killed hundreds of innocent people, including women and children. He also deported more undocumented immigrants than Trump is even on track to.

George Washington Had Wooden Teeth

The gruesome truth is that rather than wooden teeth, George Washington’s mouth was actually full of the teeth of his enslaved Africans.

History books like to erase the fact that the primary founder of our country, and its first President, was a cruel, barbarous slave owner!

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