He Walked Barefoot Through Harlem To Inspire Black People

Bare foot on ground
Leslie Taylor-Grover
June 10, 2021

There’s a well-dressed man in the street shouting to the top of his lungs! It’s hard to miss him, but there’s something else that catches your attention. This elderly Black man, with his fine clothes, is doing something outrageous – even for New York City.

He’s walking barefoot in the streets, right through the wreckage of the latest “race riot” where our people were beaten and killed. Who is he, why is he doing this … and why is it strangely inspiring?

He was mystic Elder Clayhorn Martin, called the Barefoot Prophet. With his tambourine in his hand, he walked through the streets with a message he said was from God. What was it?

God is in each of us, not in buildings or institutions! His message resonates even today because it reminds us that we are divine, worthy of protection, and the police do NOT have the right to mow us down! We are strong, and we can fight back. With his strange inspiration in mind, we know one thing.

We WON’T give up. We’ll continue to fight back! Elder Martin reminded us that in the fight for liberation, strengthening our spirits is JUST as important as strengthening our minds and bodies. White people tried to tell us otherwise – but this unique mystic refused to let us forget our divinity and greatness!

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