He Wanted To End His Country's Oppression With Nonviolence

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Shonda Buchanan
October 20, 2020

Humble. Educated. Persistent. These were the qualities his chief father had taught him. But how could he use his non-violent style of leadership to peacefully unite his people WHILE wrestling his country’s independence from imperialism?

The time was now, Julius Nyerere shouted to his supporters. No more waiting for the British to give them BACK their country. But first, they must be UNITED. 

Which is why what happened next nearly crushed his fragile African Nationalist plans.

Nominated as Prime Minister in transition to full self-rule, Julius Nyerere couldn’t believe his ears – his own political party wanted to divisively make other ethnicities illegal! The British would take that as a sign that Tanzanians weren’t ready for independence, and then the country would surely erupt in violence!

He had to find the key to unity and fast.

He resigned as PM, appointing a friend to replace him, and began campaigning for TRUE African Socialism that united everyone. Nyerere believed that collectively, they could transform their country and eventually, hopefully, all of Africa. 

Did his strategy work?

Yes! In 1962 his country achieved FULL independence. The real triumph? He was named President! But what was his key to unity? 

Communalism! His movement served as a model of African independence and successful nonviolent succession. If we fight unfair imperialist systems, then we can achieve unified liberation. How are you fighting for your rights?

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