Her Story Reminds Us That Sometimes Our Challenges Prepare Us For Greatness

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Adé Hennis
September 15, 2023

Adrienne Bennett once had big plans for her future. Then reality set in.

Bennett’s dream to become an engineer was dashed when a racially charged incident sent her home in tears. She vowed NEVER to go to college again.  But fate stepped in.

In 1976, a recruiter approached her and asked her to join a plumbing apprenticeship program. At first she refused, but when she learned the program paid well, she joined. But her troubles still weren’t over.

She was the only woman among a hundred men who sometimes harassed her. “I don’t let anyone get in my way and cheat me out of my dream,”  Bennett  once said. And she stood by those words.

Now she helps others train for high paying trade jobs. Bennett reminds us that sometimes our obstacles help us build stairs for future generations. What challenges have you overcome? How can they be embraced to help others?