His Revolutionary Words Became Rallying Cries For Change

August 1, 2019

“This country is built on lies. They told you and me that if we worked hard and if we sweated, we would succeed. And if that were true, I tell you, we would own this country.”

“Understand yourself, white man… The white man’s burden should not have been preached in Africa, but it should have been preached among you. You need now to civilize yourself. You have moved to destroy and disrupt. You have taken people away. You have broken down their systems, and you have called all this civilization. And we, who have suffered at this, are now saying to you, you are the killers of dreams. You are the savages… Civilize yourself.”

“We must begin to think politically and see if we can have the power to impose and keep the moral values that we hold high. We must question the values of this society, and I maintain that Black people are the best people to do that because we have been excluded from that society. And the question is, we ought to think whether or not we want to become a part of that society.”

“Now we have to explain to our people that this individual nonsense cannot do for us because they will preach that individual nonsense and we will believe it and keep integrating their Wall Streets. We have to make a new slogan. One People, one voice. And we have to move as a people in our neighborhood to control. We have to stop reacting and we have to become aggressive. We can no longer stand up and beg anybody for a victory or concession because I’m here to tell you that if you beg a man for a victory, and he gives it to you, it’s his victory, not yours.”  

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