How Critical Race Theory Works In Real Life

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Leslie Taylor-Grover
July 15, 2021

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a way to explain that racism affects every aspect of our laws, institutions, and culture. The country’s debating the topic, but the truth is we already see CRT all around us in everyday life. Here are just a few examples.

#1: Education. 

There are vast inequalities in outcomes for Black students and white students. This isn’t because Black students can’t achieve – it’s because of the historic underfunding and discrimination that Black schools continue to face. That’s just the truth.

#2: Healthcare.

COVID-19 has truly shown us just how unequal we are in this country when it comes to health. From a lack of access to basic health resources to higher rates of death to the pandemic, poor health outcomes for our people are a historical and present reality that can’t just be ignored.

#3: News Media. 

The news is supposed to be the “truth” – but there’s a vast divide and countless examples of discrimination and stereotyping in news media, the primary way we’re supposed to learn what’s happening in the world. CRT exposes this and helps chart a path forward – which, of course, white supremacy does NOT want to happen.

No matter how white folks try to hide from the realities of racism, the truth is right in front of us all – and can’t be banned!

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