Impact Of Widespread Voter Suppression on Election Unclear

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Abeni Jones
November 4, 2020

They can’t hold us back! Despite widespread, insidious Black voter suppression techniques, we voted in RECORD numbers in this year’s election. Here’s what went down – and how we can make sure EVERY vote counts.

#2: The Postal Service

A Trump-appointed Postmaster General interrupted Postal Service operations. Ballots were late or simply weren’t delivered – and in 30 states, if they were late, they didn’t count!

Didn’t want to mail it in? Well, they also reduced polling places and ballot drop-off locations! In Texas, MILLIONS of voters had to use ONE drop-off location.

#3: Robocalls

Millions of Americans across the country, including in Michigan and North Carolina, received threatening and/or misleading phone calls telling them the wrong election date or to stay home. Republican activists were just indicted over a robocall scheme in Ohio.

#4: In-Person Voter Intimidation

From videotaping voters to sending armed right-wing militia members to polling places as “poll watchers,” efforts to disrupt in-person voting abounded.

Black people turned up to vote in record numbers this year, in part due to PushBlack subscribers like you sharing millions of voting messages with friends and family. But because of COVID-19, votes will take longer to count, and it may be days before the official results are announced. Because EVERY vote counts!

If you have concerns that your vote may not be properly counted, you can contact your local Secretary of State for more information. If you experienced voter intimidation or encountered other issues, you can call the Election Protection Hotline at 1-866-OUR-VOTE!

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