The Liberation Lesson We Can Learn From This All-White Town

orania allerlei
Briona Lamback
January 19, 2023

Orania is a rural riverside town. Once an unassuming place with about 1,700 people, it's now booming. 

But Oranians are hiding the sickest secret in plain sight.

It's a whites-only town on the African continent. The town was built in 1991, a year after Nelson Mandela was released from prison. Its founders, who have familial ties to the architects of the Apartheid system, forced out hundreds of Black people.  Today, our people are still forbidden.

The worst part is Oranians claim they fear being "wiped out" of South Africa. Their alleged fear often kills us. 

The audacity of a whites-only town existing on African soil is WILD, but there's one important thing we can learn from this.

Self-determination. Having educators teach the truth about our people and not having a criminal legal system incentivized to kill us is priceless. We could truly benefit from building towns made strictly for us, by us. The Freedom Georgia Initiative is already doing it.

Liberation won't come easy, but we must be willing to come together to determine our futures for ourselves.

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