Look How The Tables Turned On This Dirty Cop

September 19, 2019

Drug Enforcement Agency special agent Chad Scott is well known. He’s embraced an image of himself as a so-called “white devil” and accordingly, made a name for himself being a ruthless cop. In the process, he targeted a legendary rap label and its most famous artist...

Houston rapper Scarface of the Geto Boys was targeted, along with Rap-A-Lot Records, by Chad Scott. He tried to set them up, targeting over a dozen people associated with the label! Arrests were made, though Scarface and the label’s CEO J. Prince always maintained their innocence.

Now the truth is out: Scott is corrupt! He had a local drug dealer buy a $43,000 Ford truck and bribed him, only so he could seize it as part of an asset forfeiture. Basically, he set up a legal ROBBERY and then lied on the books about what really happened. This time, however, he got caught. 

ThinkProgress reports that “an indictment alleges the corruption ran from at least 2009 to 2016.” Scott and his boys were ripping and running, robbing drug dealers and others they were pursuing using their power as officers. Rap-A-Lot Records has been saying he was corrupt for YEARS.

Now Rap-A-Lot is having the last laugh. “Finally caught,” Prince said. “A decade later the Truth has come to light!!!” 

It’s all there in songs from Scarface’s classic album “The Last Of A Dying Breed.” He called Scott and others out by name and now they’re being called out in court!

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