A Man Was Killed Jogging And No Arrests Were Made

Ahmaud Arbery
William Anderson
May 11, 2020

Ahmaud Arbery was out for a jog not far from his home of Brunswick, GA. He noticed two white men up ahead who were stopped in the road - one with a .357 Magnum and one with a shotgun.

That’s when everything went horribly wrong, leaving Black America outraged.

Ahmaud was followed and then confronted by the men, who accused him of being a suspect in a series of break-ins. They supposedly wanted to talk to him - as though when you confront someone with shotgun in hand, “talk” is what’s on your mind! 

When he didn’t immediately comply with their orders, they shot him. This was a modern-day lynching, and things only got more disgraceful from there.

The police waited more than two months before arresting the assailants, and kept changing their story about what happened. They initially told Ahmaud’s family he was killed in a burglary.

However, a video of the incident surfaced and exposed them - it shows a cold-blooded murder. But will it bring justice?

Two prosecutors recused themselves due to connections with the assailants - one of whom happens to be former law enforcement. 

The district attorney will take it before a grand jury, but we’ve been here before.

Black America knows scenarios like this all too well. Ahmaud will likely be victim-blamed and have his record analyzed to find everything possible to try to justify his killing. 

But nothing justifies this!

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