An Officer Of The Law, Arrested For Strip Searching Women Illegally

Handcuffs on table
William Anderson
December 22, 2019

Getting pulled over by a cop is already bad enough. But imagine also being a woman in this scary situation, especially with disgusting officers like Floyd Berry out there.

Berry is a 49-year-old deputy who’s been charged with conducting illegal strip searches of women. Now, he’s facing consequences for this gross abuse of power.

Eight women have come forward so far, saying he forced them to do such acts as expose themselves to him for “searches” in Bexar County, Texas. 

One was told to “exit her vehicle in a ‘dark and secluded’ area when he did this.”

KENS5 reports Sheriff Javier Salazar said, “This absolutely is disgusting, there's no other way to put it." Sheriff Salazar tried to remind people that the force is committed to treating the community with respect, but Berry’s actions show how easily trust can be broken.

Berry had been on the force for 18 years up to this point. How many other women might have had this experience and NOT come forward out of fear? 

It doesn’t help that THIRTEEN Bexar County deputies have been arrested in 2019, some within days of each other. This department has big issues!

This entire messed up story is a lesson for us all. The people who are tasked with solving crimes and carrying out justice are capable of wrongdoing themselves. 

There are more stories like this one, and not all of them make it into the news cycle... nor do all the victims receive justice.

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