An Ongoing Prisons Disaster Is Catching The Attention Of Celebrities

Mississippi State Penitentiary gate
William Anderson
January 30, 2020

People are dying. That’s the problem at Parchman Prison in Mississippi - and it’s sparked anger across the nation.

So far, the official count is NINE dead at Parchman and 13 altogether in Mississippi - during January alone! But many people suspect there could be more victims we don’t know about ...

People imprisoned at Parchman have been locked in dilapidated, condemned units with mold, flooding, no heat, no bedding, and little to no food. 

Prison staff and the state initially blamed inmates, but the devastating levels of neglect exposed have led celebrities to get involved. 

Music mogul Jay-Z and rapper Yo Gotti have filed a lawsuit against the Mississippi Department of Corrections “on behalf of more than two dozen inmates,” claiming “people are dying because [of] the state.” They’re calling for federal intervention, and it doesn’t stop there.

Yo Gotti is holding a rally in support of the cause and demanding more from the governor, who has taken the small step of closing a single Parchman unit where problems began. 

Several groups are also demanding that the Department of Justice investigate.

The DOJ is headed by acting Attorney General William Barr, who’s known to make problems like these worse - it’s why PushBlack has demanded Parchman be shut down

We have to fight against a system that puts us in prison, mistreats us while there, and then makes us ask for help from the very people who want to keep us there!

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