The Perfect Way Black Women Can Be Heard

September 4, 2019

Racism. Sexism. These forms of intense oppression are daily realities for Black women worldwide - and it’s been this way for ages. 

In early-20th century America, white women were fighting hard for women’s rights… except, Black women and their stories were TOTALLY excluded. Similarly, as Black men worked to dismantle racism, the racialized-sexism Black women experienced was often brushed under a rug, hidden from critical eyes “for the cause.”

Attacked from both sides, no privilege in sight, Black women became invisible martyrs for their intersecting communities… until they took matters into their own hands.

Various movements and ideologies created by Black women for Black women exist throughout history. From suffrage to womanism, Black women have worked hard for their voices to be heard.

Sadly, traditional methods to poll and survey the masses still exclude Black people - ESPECIALLY Black women. It’s why discriminatory systems that determine everything from presidential elections to policy typically don’t reflect our lived experiences or hopes for the future.

It's time to change that.

The recently launched Women's Poll hopes to become the largest survey of American women ever. Best of all about this survey is that the voices of Black women ACTUALLY matter. Participate by taking this quick survey about your dreams for a better future. Help make that future a reality. 

In the tradition of Black women, join the movement! And share with any woman you know! 

Take the poll here!

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