Police Fired After A Racist Conversation Is Revealed

Cop on radio in car
Via Elgin Air Force Base
William Anderson
July 2, 2020

Wilmington, North Carolina’s Officer Michael “Kevin” Piner was talking to Cpl. Jesse E. Moore and Officer James “Brian” Gilmore when they accidentally taped a conversation that made headlines. Black Lives Matter protests were the topic, but their conversation was beyond threatening.

“Wipe 'em off the f*****g map,” Piner said. “That’ll put 'em back about four or five generations.” He said he was ready for a new civil war, where he would “go out and start slaughtering them f*****g n***ers.” The convo got them fired, but that’s not enough considering the bigger picture.

These police, like other police who commit racist acts, are out here arresting people. Officers that think Black people should be slaughtered for protesting for our lives CERTAINLY aren’t making fair arrests. The cases tied to them should be thrown out! There’s also a deeper history here.

During the Reconstruction Era following emancipation, Black people had power in Wilmington, NC that racist white people hated. They massacred people in what’s remembered as the Wilmington Coup

Little has changed over 100 years for many racists who aspire to be police.

Though some of the cases tied to these officers will be tossed, others won’t. Another lesson here is that white supremacists choose to be police so they can commit attacks against Black people. Even federal authorities admit this. Policing is an aspect of racism, and can’t be the solution!

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