The Police in Miami Are Terrorizing Vulnerable People

March 28, 2019

Like most police departments in America, Miami police have their priorities all messed up.

The ACLU released a 2018 report that showed Black people are more likely to be arrested, convicted, and imprisoned. You might wonder why. Well, it’s because police discriminate.

Here’s who else they’re discriminating against.

The Miami Herald analyzed 212 cases from 2018 and found “at least two-thirds involved a homeless defendant.” Miami police tend to target Black people and poor people.

Though we know those two things often go hand in hand, it’s not a crime to be either.

While criminalizing people for being homeless, crimes that don’t have anything to do with being Black or being poor go unsolved.

The Appeal reported that in 2017 “roughly 1,400 people were arrested in Miami-Dade County for rape, murder, and robbery, despite the fact that 5,825 rapes, murders, and robberies were reported in 2017.”

When it comes to crime-solving, Miami-Dade is one of the worst places in the country. The Miami New Times showed their mid-year clearance rate (i.e. solved crimes) was 15.4% in 2018. That means 85% of crimes go unsolved. HOW!?

Being Black and being poor, or even without a home, is already hard enough. The last thing the Miami Police Department needs to be doing is making it worse, but they are. Being cruel and racist isn’t how to solve crime!

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