Police Shooting Recklessly In Traffic Draws Intense Backlash

Cop car with lights on
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William Anderson
December 18, 2019

People are trying to make sense of what unfolded in this major tragedy. 

A UPS truck was commandeered in Miami-Dade following an attempted armed robbery. Two suspects led the police on a high speed chase that was made tragically worse by the cops’ next steps.

When congested traffic put an end to the suspects' speedy getaway, police knew that they were armed... but they didn’t seem to take the lives of the bystanders around them into much consideration. The cops used people’s cars as shields for cover and began firing like nothing else mattered.

People watched on live TV as the driver of the truck who’d been abducted, Frank Ordonez, attempted to crawl out. He was killed in a hail of bullets as at least 18 police fired more than 200 rounds. And if that isn’t bad enough, a bystander was also killed as the cops unloaded on the truck.

The family of the driver wants justice and has been outspoken about the police’s reckless actions. 

It just goes to show that the police brutality we hear about every day will only grow worse, unless police are held accountable. Miami was an example of this in action.

People are never going to forget the jarring sight of police shooting as people fled for their lives hoping not to be killed in the crossfire. However, this is something that Black America is all too familiar with. Hopefully the families of the victims will be able to find the peace they deserve.

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