Police Violence Kills A Frontline Medical Worker In Her Sleep

Breonna Taylor
William Anderson
May 22, 2020

Three plainclothes police officers with troubling pasts burst into the wrong apartment while Breonna Taylor and her boyfriend Kenneth Walker slept. What took place is devastating for so many reasons - but especially because Breonna was someone we need the most right now.

She was a frontline medical worker, a decorated EMT, who is especially important given the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 

Police had a "no-knock" search warrant, but were at the WRONG apartment! That didn’t stop them from doing something outrageous.

They shot Breonna eight times, recklessly spraying bullets everywhere. It’s a miracle no one else was hit.

Her boyfriend called 9-1-1 before trying to defend against the intruders with his legally-owned, licensed firearm. Despite this, he’s facing an assault charge and attempted murder on a police officer!

Even if Breonna or Kenneth had a criminal record, or drugs - which they DIDN’T - that wouldn’t deserve DEATH. She was executed, without a trial, because of police incompetence, in a violent assault that treated them like her life didn’t matter at all. 

This senseless killing has brought about a much-needed uproar and response.

Breonna’s family is suing, and people are demanding Kenneth’s release. We can’t accept what happened to her, because it’s a complete travesty and injustice. 

All Black life matters, but it’s especially horrific to kill someone who’s saving lives every day. Rest in peace, Breonna.

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