Positive Images Of Police Gain Influence In The Media

Police taking a knee in riot gear
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William Anderson
June 24, 2020

Whenever there’s a police brutality crisis, you start seeing it: images start flooding the media of police being friendlier and acting more caring. Many people call it “copaganda.” 

It’s everywhere, and we need to know how to identify it and what it’s for.

You’ll see images of police holding Black children and saying nice things. These images don’t change the fact police are still more likely to target, arrest, and kill our kids! 

They’re used to make police seem less threatening. And this isn’t the only way they do this.

When they’re not cozying up with Black kids for the camera, you might see them doing popular Black dances, or having heartfelt conversations with Black people. This is another copaganda method! The issues we’re up against can’t be fixed with dances or hugs.

During the protests following the killing of George Floyd, we’ve seen all of this and more. Many protesters have even reported being ATTACKED by cops immediately after they got their friendly photo op

We have to have a plan when we see “copaganda.”

Remember what the reality is. Black people are STILL overwhelmingly being killed by police violence in this country every day. That doesn’t change when an officer hugs a Black child or dances like they’re at the cookout. 

Call copaganda out when you see it, and don’t fall for it!

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