A Presidential Plan To Gain More Control Of The Courts

US Supreme Court Justices 2018
William Anderson
May 13, 2020

President Trump claims he has “ultimate” and “total” authority. People often dismiss and deny what he can actually accomplish by being so bold, but one thing is clear: he’s completed a powerful project so massive we should be very, very concerned.

Trump has been stacking the courts, meaning he’s filled vacancies with judges friendly to him and the Republican Party. Trump has appointed 30% of the country’s circuit court judges, who are second in power only to the Supreme Court!

They have so much power that we MUST pay close attention.

These judges make huge decisions about voting, discrimination, guns, healthcare, and more. And at the Supreme Court level, Republicans have a majority - with one Trump pick already on the court - that could move even further in their favor soon if he stays in office. The bigger picture here is VERY worrisome.

Donald Trump promised his base he’d gain control of the courts. By doing so, the courts won’t challenge him or overturn his destructive agenda - they’ll be his handpicked people! Black America would be even more vulnerable in many ways.

Historically, Black people have often looked to courts to try and secure some measure of justice. Trump is trying to make this impossible. A key to fighting back is understanding what’s happening - and educating our people!

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