Prison Punishment Continues Even After Release

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William Anderson
August 19, 2020

When people leave prison, it’s not always the celebratory day people might imagine. Connections to family, friends, and community are often lost inside. And when people leave, the punishment doesn’t simply end – and this makes it extremely difficult to live.

People leaving prison are given small amounts of cash called “gate money,” but it’s not enough to really help. Having a record also makes it hard to function in the world. 

This is why formerly incarcerated people are 10 times more likely to be unhoused. This is especially important right now.

Black America is facing an eviction and housing crisis due to the pandemic, and massive unemployment has created a scenario where many stand to lose everything. People leaving prison with nowhere to go complicate this issue further.

People are punished AFTER they leave prison facilities – it’s harder to find a job AND housing. What kind of rehabilitation system punishes you AGAIN after you’ve already “done your time?”

The world treats formerly incarcerated people as if they’re worthless, but we can change this.

We have to reject stigma and fight for formerly incarcerated people to have access to housing, jobs, healthcare, and other resources. Since Black people are disproportionately impacted by incarceration, it’s an issue our communities we should never ignore.

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