As Right-Wing Hate Groups Grow, Concerns Do Too

Man with assault rifle hanging on back
William Anderson
October 1, 2020

Know their names. 

Right-wing white supremacist groups represent a vast network. Armed militias and alt-right groups like the Three Percenters, Oath Keepers, Boogaloos, and Proud Boys are just some of these terrible forces. Some advocate for a second civil war – or worse!

Know how they look.

Groups like the Proud Boys have been known to wear now-discontinued Fred Perry polo shirts. Boogaloos wear Hawaiian shirts. They also use symbols like the “OK” finger sign, and wear skull masks, bulletproof vests, blue lives matter symbols, and U.S. and confederate flags.

They’re not all white.

You don’t have to be white to believe in white supremacy. There have always been Black people willing to aid white supremacists. Some groups have members neo-Nazi and KKK groups wouldn’t. They may look like us or try to dress like us to infiltrate our movements.

They have state support. 

The racist alt-right and Proud Boys have links to the Trump White House through allies like Roger Stone and former advisor Steve Bannon. Trump even ordered them to “stand by” leading up to the 2020 election! Police have also supported them and called them “armed friendlies.”

Understand their mission. 

They want to maintain white supremacy, sometimes through an all out war! They may refer to it, though, as “defending Western civilization.” Either way, it’s a THREAT to Black people. Knowing who they are is crucial to being prepared for anything!

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